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Who's Who


Come and meet the staff at our school.



Headteacher - Mrs Westbrook

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Johnston


Phase Leaders

Years 5/6 - Miss Lawrence

Years 3/4 - Mrs Kernot

Years 1/2 - Miss Pearce

Early Years - Mrs Hill



Key Stage 2

Year 6

Hurricanes - Miss McDonnell

Spitfires - Miss Lawrence

Year 5

Pharaohs - Miss Boylan and Mrs Griffiths

Egyptians - Mrs Johnston and Mrs Allen

Year 4

Tudors - Mrs Stone

Aztecs - Mrs Kernot

Year 3

Vikings - Mrs Gerrard

Greeks - Miss Patel

Key Stage 1

Year 2

Hawks - Miss Black

Eagles - Miss Pearce

Year 1

Robins - Mrs Szurgot and Miss Van Vuuren


Early Years



Miss Frinton


Mrs Evans



Mrs Michael



Mrs Fazaldin


Mrs Stothard



 Teaching Assistants
Mr Blake, Mrs Cleary, Mrs Cluett, Mrs Cowling, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Fahy, Mrs Gowen, Mr Green, Mrs Gallup, Mrs D Hennessey, Mrs S Hennessey, Mrs Hill, Ms Kielty, Miss Long,  Miss Marchetto, Ms Reavill, Mrs Reid, Miss Sewell, Mrs Simmonds, Mrs Smith, Mrs Stothard, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Williams


Support Staff Mentor            
Mrs Braithwaite
InclusionTeam/Leadership PA                     
Mrs Craven
Emotional & Social Support
Mrs Sammut

Non-Class based Support Staff

Office Manager               
Mrs Johnson
Finance Officer                    
Mrs Turner
Mrs Parsons
Lunchtime Wellbeing Mentor           
Mrs Nicholas
Welfare Assistant           
Mrs Smith
Standards Support /Office Assistant            
Mrs Ng
ICT Support                  
Mrs Leonard


Site Staff

Site Manager                  
Mr Mecherski
Assistant Caretaker
Mr Bain









Ms Ansell,  Mrs Birch, Mrs Cranham, Mrs McKee, Mrs Nuttall, Mrs Povey,  Miss Seward, Mrs Spencer


Before and After School Club


Mrs Hill, Mrs Ogunsanlu, Mrs Thompson, Mr Green, Mrs Knight, Mrs McKee


Kitchen Staff


Mrs Maloney, Ms Seferova, Mrs Borland, Mrs Castle, Mrs Knight


The Governors

Our Governing Body consists of 12 members - Foundation and non-Foundation Governors. The Governors' responsibilities include managing a budget under Fair Funding for Schools. This funds most aspects relating to the life of the school - salaries, maintenance, redecoration, curriculum resources and fixed costs such as rates and energy. The Governors also control the admission of pupils and the appointment of staff. The maintenance of the exterior of the building and the insurance is also a Governing Body responsibility. 


For more information about Governors click on the Our School tab.





All Governors can be contacted via the Clerk of Governors, Mrs A Marchant either in writing through the school office or by email -


Raising concerns about your child or school issues

Governors wish to remind all parents that there is an established procedure for raising issues. If you have a concern about your child that you don't think has been noticed, the first thing to do is speak to your child's teacher.


If after an agreed period of time, you are still worried, speak to one of the Phase Leaders, or our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Johnston. Again, if after an agreed period of time you continue to have concerns, come and speak to Mrs Westbrook, either through the weekly Headteacher's surgery or by making an appointment.


If you still have unresolved issues, then you should make contact with the Chair of the Governing Body  (Mrs Gotham),  via the Clerk of Governors either through the school office or via the Governors’ email as above.


Governor Information File - this is kept in the school entrance hall and contains details of Committees, Minutes, and anything else which the Governors feel parents may find of interest.


  • Bishop Winnington - Ingram Church of England Primary School,
  • Southcote Rise, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7LW
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  • Telephone:  01895 633520