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Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter - Autumn Term 2017

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Monday 10th October,  2016

As part of their topic on London, the Year 2 children had a wonderful day at the Tower of London. 













Meet the Teacher Year 2 PowerPoint Presentation


Please find attached a copy of the presentation from the Meet the Teacher meeting.  We hope you find it useful.

Thursday 5th May, 2016:  Westminster Abbey


On Thursday 5th May, Year 2 had a wonderful day at Westminster Abbey.  We were very lucky with the weather and absolutely amazed by the size of the Abbey itself!


We enjoyed our lunch sitting in the oldest park in England, then moved on to find out about so many different things about the history of the Abbey.  For example, we found out that the Unknown Warrior is buried in English Oak, surrounded in French soil and the memorial slab is Belgium stone!  The Unknown Soldier was the last person to be buried in Westminster Abbey! 


What a wonderful day we all had!  Many children may ask their parents if they could visit again in the summer break it takes more than a day to go around.





Thursday 28th January - Florence Nightingale's Visit to BWI


We all had a great time when Florence came to school.  This is Amae's recount of the visit:


This morning Florence Nightingale visited BWI!  She spoke to us about her life.  I learnt that when Florence said to her mum that she wanted to be a nurse, her mum said, "You are not going to be a nurse!'  After she fainted!  Florence said when she was Ninety she got sent to Queen Victoria to be given a medal made out of melted Russian Cannons!!


Florence went on holiday for three years and then two more!  Florence's favourite soldier was called James Jones.  He sent Florence a letter.









Wednesday 27th January, 2016: Visit to St Martin's Church


As part of Year Two's RE Learning this term, we visited St Martin's Church for an afternoon to look at the importance of light in the church and our belief as Christians.  We went into a church of darkness, with only candles and the light from outside streaming in through the glass windows.  We discussed the importance of light in our lives and then some children read out their prayers they had created in school.





RSPB: 'Giving Nature A Home'


On Friday 27th November, Year 2 had the privilege of completing workshops with the RSPB on 'Giving Nature A Home'.

The children had great fun looking around the school grounds and finding out about the range of trees and foliage. 


The next step on our journey into outdoor learning is to create homes for animals to enjoy and for us to support children's learning and discovery.



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