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Bishop Winnington Ingram School Visit the Mayor and the Mayoress


On Wednesday 25th January 2017 Bishop Winnington Ingram Primary School’s (BWI) School Council visited the Mayor of Hillingdon at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge. We were greeted by Patrick who escorted them to the Mayor. When we entered we were privileged enough to see the Mayor being robed by the mace.


Then we discussed and asked many questions about how the Mayor became Mayor and his role as a Judge before he became a Mayor. We all then got a chance to ask the Mayor a question, such as: do you feel optimistic or uncertain that Brexit will benefit Hillingdon? Or, who decides about how much money each school in Hillingdon receives? These questions all were given an extremely detailed answer. For example: “I was lucky enough to experience Britain out of the European Union (EU) which I believe made Britain a free country. I believe we were not promised what we got from the EU. We can’t support our failing industries and were asked to change the pound to Euros, which I do not agree with.”


There were many other facts that the Mayor shared with us. Many of these were about our country and our local community of Ruislip. For example, did you know that a Union Jack Flag is only a Union Jack when it’s on a Jack pole; otherwise it’s a Union Flag.


What we children found most interesting is all the facts about John Hersley, the Mayor, himself. The Jabo, the thrill bib under a Mayors neck, is worn as a Mayor has to wear a bib. This stems back from history when a particular Mayor at the time had forgotten his. So a lady pulled up her skirt and pulled some lace off her dress and offered it to the Mayor. The Mayor wears a very distinct red coat; this is so a Mayor is recognisable.


Overall we had a very enjoyable day. Despite the Mayor and the Mayoress’ high position, they are very humble, down to earth and polite people. BWI’s School Council are now hoping to invite the Mayor and the Mayoress to our school.


Written by Kayla, Head Girl, and  Elizabeth, School Council member

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