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Our Mission Statement

Belief in God, our children and their future.

Our Aims

BWI School aims to

  • be a Christian community where everyone can grow in Christian faith and develop an understanding and tolerance of others
  • help each individual develop self-awareness, self-discipline and a positive attitude to life and work
  • develop a sensitivity to the needs of others, valuing and respecting individuals and the whole community
  • create a happy, organised and stimulating working environment so that children are enabled to fulfil their own potential and acquire skills and knowledge to prepare them for the wider world
  • foster in children an excitement for God's world and an awareness of their place in it.


Class crosses and prayers from across the school.

BWI School Ethos and Christian Character


  • Distinctively Christian values are made explicit and are deeply embedded in the daily life of our school, having a significant  impact on the daily lives and achievements of our children.


  • Our school’s Christian character has a high profile, seen through our approach to issues of attendance and pupil exclusion for all groups of children.


  • There is a highly developed interpretation of spirituality shared across our school community. Children have regular opportunities to engage in high quality experiences that develop a personal spirituality. They are passionate and confident to express their thoughts and views in considerable depth through a rich variety of styles and media.


  • The Christian character and values of our school have a significant impact on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all children.


  • The behaviour of our children is of a high standard and relationships between all members of the school community are consistently attributed to the Christian character and values of the school.


  • Children are fully aware that Christianity is a multi-cultural world faith. They have a high degree of understanding and respect for diversity and difference both within the church and in other faith communities.


  • Children are excited and challenged by religious education. It makes a significant contribution to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and plays a major role in determining the Christian character of the school.
  • Bishop Winnington - Ingram Church of England Primary School,
  • Southcote Rise, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7LW
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  • Telephone:  01895 633520