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Can I volunteer at the school?

If you would like to volunteer within our school, you will require an Enhanced DBS check carried out. This is a two-part procedure. Firstly, please click on the image below to go straight to our rapid screening partner and complete an online application following carefully the ‘on screen’ directions. Please note that you will be required to upload 3 documents in total; 1 document with photographic evidence of your identity, plus 2 additional documents to verify your residential status.  You must upload 3 documents in total or your application will not be processed.


Before we can approve your application, we politely ask that you either log into your School Money account and pay the £10 application fee via the ‘School Shop’ or send the correct money into the School Office. This payment helps us to cover the administration charge. 


Once payment has been received and your identity and residential status verified we will then process your application.


The original certificate will be posted directly to you, and must be brought to the school office before you will be allowed to volunteer with us 


Click here to begin the DBS process.



Can I park at the school?

Parking outside any school at drop-off and pick-up time can be a problem, but not if you follow the rules.


The main rules are the same for any school:

  • be mindful of children
  • park safely, considerately and legally
  • be mindful of the local community


The areas that are not safe, considerate or legal are:

  • the zig-zag lines outside the school
  • double yellow lines
  • corners
  • outside the school gate
  • across the drives of our neighbours
  • in the drives of our neighbours


Traffic wardens patrol the roads outside school and will issue fines.  They will not accept excuses such as:

  • I will only be a minute
  • I am not parking, just dropping my child off
  • I am running late


The rule that is different for our school is:

  • the voluntary one-way system


To ease the flow of traffic, we operate a voluntary one-way system. 

To use the one-way system, go past Southcote Rise, turn right into Orchard Close, turn right into Westcote Rise and turn right into Southcote Rise.  You will pass the school on your left-hand side, as you are driving up the hill.  The one-way system is this way round so that you do not have to cross traffic driving down past Southcote Rise.


Please be aware, this  system is only followed by us and not the local community or the bus-service.


Parking in Manor Road

There is residents' only parking in Manor Road between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.



Since September 2016, cameras have been in operation outside all schools in Hillingdon as a deterrent for parking on zig-zag lines, on double yellow lines, on corners, and outside school gates. Tickets and fines have been and will continue to be issued.

Can I pay online?

Our cashless payment system is School Money.  Our Before and After School Club, School Trips, Extra Curricular Clubs, Non-Uniform Days and PA events use this system.  You will receive login details and instructions to set up your account.  


The payment procedure:

  1. Log on to School Money
  2. Select 'SIGN IN' tab
  3. Select 'schoolmoney parent login' from drop down selection
  4. Enter the mobile number you have supplied to school
  5. Enter the email address you have supplied to school
  6. Enter the first name of the child whose login password you are using
  7. Enter the password you have received from School Money
  8. Click 'GO'


Before & After School Club must be paid for in advance to confirm the booking. If full payment is not made the School Money system will not book your child’s place and you will need to make alternative childcare arrangements.  This system is “one stop”, BASC bookings cannot be stored and returned to at a later date.


To book school meals you will need to go to to register and set up an account, once done you will be able to view the menu and order school lunches.


If you think your family may be eligible for Free School Meals other than Universal Infant Free School Meals, please visit to apply.

How can I keep my child safe online?

Parent and Carer Online Toolkit (Childnet)
Childnet have updated their parent and carer toolkit that will help parents have conversations about online safety. Their booklet 'Let's talk about life online' includes ten key messages that should be shared with children:


  1. "You can always come to me if you need help."
  2. "What would you do if this happened…?"
  3. "Remember that not everyone is who they say they are online."
  4. "Keep your personal information safe, and other people’s too."
  5. "Be respectful to others online."
  6. "Think before you post."
  7. "Remember to ask if it’s okay."
  8. "Remember not everything is true online."
  9. "The things other people post online might not always show what their life is really like."
  10. "Recognise how going online makes you feel and take a break when you need to."

The Parent and Carer Toolkit can be found here:

Useful Apps

For 2-4 year olds as recommended by one of our Early Years parents:

Cbeebies Playtime

Cbeebies Storytime

The Bible App for Kids


These and other advice for recommended Apps, many of which are free,  can be found through the Good App Guide Website