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Year 2 - Florence Nightingale visit

On the 15th January 2019 Eagles Class were lucky enough to have a very special visitor.  Florence Nightingale arrived at school bright and early to talk to the children about her amazing life.  She wore Victorian style clothing and had brought lots of her treasures to show us.  All the children were dressed up as Victorians, nurses or soldiers to help them get into the spirit of the day.

Florence spoke to us about her childhood and told us all how she decided to become a nurse, a very unusual ambition for a well brought up lady of her time.  We all travelled to Scutari with her on trains and boats, and looked after wounded soldiers from the Crimean War.  Everyone got to play a part and act out some of her story.

The children had a wonderful day and were enthusiastic about learning more on this topic.The Freshwater Theatre Company did a fantastic job bringing our learning to life!

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