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Our developed approach to online learning

How BWI Primary School has developed remote learning


How our schools remote learning has developed since March 2020.

  • DB Primary was used until September 2020.  Each class had a range of tabs that they needed to navigate for daily work.  Work was uploaded and there was a difficulty for some parents to complete this.  DB Primary was expensive and ‘clunky’,

  • September 2020:  Moved to Class Dojo.  Accessibility for all parents to access, get in contact with staff instantly and directly.  Clear expectations given and all staff, including Office and SLT can access classes to give updates and send assemblies etc.
  • Since January’s lockdown, we have incorporated Zoom meetings for all classes, supported with Class Dojo work. 
  • Timetables have stayed the same as much as possible as normal.  Creative Curriculum for Spring 2 has continued to be rolled out. Core skills have been expected to continue with support from teachers to parents when requested.


How we have developed our staff

  • Support has been delivered to all teaching staff on creating Zoom meetings. 

  • Class Dojo training has been given to all staff. 
  • Support from the Computing Co-ordinator has been excellent. 
  • All staff have stated that they feel supported.


How we have developed our pedagogy to ensure effective learning

  • Introduction to lessons through Zoom have covered any misconceptions by pupils. 

  • Messages from parents are checked up during the day for any queries they may have of the work given.
  • Knowledge, concepts and skills are checked regularly through Class Dojo. 
  • Children’s work is either approved and/or commented on.
  • EEF Rapid Evidence Assessment Distance Learning has been read, reviewed and adopted in school.   


Our daily expectations outside of teaching lessons 

At least two ‘live’ sessions daily for all classes in the morning and afternoon. Recorded online teacher-based lessons throughout the day.  Weekly PHSE lessons taking place and supported Wellbeing sessions such as PSD PE.  Our timetable of Collective Worship is continuing as normal with a member of the clergy, senior leaders and teachers completing each week.  Weekly timetables are given on Class Dojo to all children/parents in advance so that families can prepare.


How we assure the effectiveness of the remote learning offer

Senior leaders access all classes and have added comments on children’s work, given Dojo points and certificates for outstanding work.  They also check on teacher’s wellbeing and query if there are any pupils who are not attending online lessons. Regular phone calls are undertaken to offer support and guidance to parents if necessary.  Chromebooks have been given to 17 of our 52 Pupil Premium children, with school tablets given to others.  Senior leaders have also reviewed the quality of learning resources given and checked if in line with year group objectives.


How we support SEND

Opportunity of Chromebooks have been given.  Extra booklets for children/parents who prefer paper copies of work have been given.  3 weekly phone calls are organised by SEND children’s 1:1 and any queries dealt with.  All conversations are updated on our CPOMs to track any concerns. Practical opportunities are given as well as links to other resources such as CBBC or Bitesize.


How we differentiate

All learning is differentiated.  EYFS and KS1 are stating are using ‘Take it back, Have a go, Take it on’ with KS2 using ‘Ready, Steady, Go’.  Challenges are added onto the learning platform and/or added in feedback by teachers directly.  Children can save work and a draft, edit and up level their work after comments are made.  SEND children have the option of paper copies of work.


How we support those children in isolation

  • All pupils are accessing the same learning in all environments.  
  • Supported IT have been given to parents if requested.


How we engage with, and support, our parents/carers

  • Teachers check with parents for support throughout the day.
  • Emails are checked by the office staff and SLT if parents have further concerns. 


How learning is assessed, tracked and responded to

  • Daily check-ins. 
  • Teachers send messages to parent’s phones. 
  • SLT check in for parents if support is needed further.


How it needs to get better

Not enough IT equipment from the government to provide for all and school is having to issue out old equipment.


How we have been successful

  • Movement from DB Primary to Class Dojo and Zoom. 
  • Getting in contact with 100% of parents. 
  • Parents comments on the support given by teachers, Office staff, SLT and the local community, particularly St. Martins.