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Spring Term

Ash Wednesday 2023

Autumn Term

Remembrance Day Worship 2022




We had another amazing, interactive worship with the 'Open the Book' team from Ruislip Baptist Church again today. The children learnt the story of The Centurion's Servant. When one’s faith is centered on Jesus, healing can take place.  Not just physical healing, but emotional, spiritual, relational…, in every area of life that needs restoration, Jesus is able to heal.

The centurion filled this faith criterion.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he knew that Jesus was able to do all that he had known of Him, and he sought Him with an open heart of belief.

Learn more about our worship today through this video.



The children loved having Matt Craig in again to lead our worship which was about our half-term value - Humility. Some brave volunteers came up and were tasked with making some humble pie, but as you can see it wasn't as easy as that!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

It was amazing to welcome Pastor Blake and his team from the Ealing Christian Centre to worship with us for the first time today (Apr 26th). We learnt some amazing new songs and enjoyed finding out all about forgiveness.

If you'd like to try these out at home or in your own Church here are the links:




The traditional Easter procession was able to begin from BWI again after two years due to Covid. The Palm Sunday service began in our front playground and was attended by many worshippers from the local community. We then all processed from the school to St Martin's to walk in the footsteps of Christ.


We ended our Spring term with our Easter service in St Martin's. It was a lovely service with beautiful singing, thougthful prayers from the children and readings from staff. We finished the service by saying farewell to Fr. Yaro and presenting him with a card from all the children. We wish him all of God's blessings as he starts in his new parish.



What an amazing collective worship we had today, March 22nd. We welcomed the 'Open the Book' group from Ruislip Baptist Church who told us the Easter story through a brilliant, interactive theatre production. The children loved taking part and all the children watching were transfixed! Truly their cup has overflown to us today!


It was once again fantastic to be able to take the children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 back to church for Mass today to mark Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Children had the chance to come up and receive the ashing and hear the words, "Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ."

The children's behaviour was impeccable especially as the Mass involves lots of standing! Special mentions to our RE ambassadors Levi, Noah, Leroy, Richard and Prashi for taking on special roles in the service.


We were overjoyed to welcome a new face to lead our worship together today. The Moss family joined the school at the start of the academic year and Pastor Drew Moss led us in our worship through song and sharing. We reflected on the importance of Lent as it draws near and thought of how we can show endurance in the same way that Jesus did.

During today's collective worship, our year 4 children shared some of the work they have begun in our partnership with Watoto Church and School in Uganda. They have been enjoying videos they have received from their partner class and will begin their own work on making a video to send about life in a Church of England school. We can't wait to see how this partnership continues to grow!



It was lovely to be able to worship together in church as a whole school community to end our term! The children were able to see the pew ends each class made as a gift to the church for the Christmas period and it was beautiful to hear their voices filling the church in unison on all of our favourite hymns.

We started a new tradition at BWI this year with our Christingle services. Children in year 3-6 all got to make their own Christingle after learning about these in class. We then took these down to church and enjoyed a beautiful service with readings from the children, hymns and then the lighting of the Christingles (glo-sticks to avoid any accidents).



We had a special collective worship today in honour of Remembrance Day. Mrs Szurgot shared some of the history of her relatives with the children as well as some special trench art she has collected from visiting the fields of the Battle of the Somme. We then went outside to honour the 2 minutes silence facing the beautiful memorial made by the year 4 children.

We were also delighted to welcome Mr and Mrs Mason in to join our worship to honour those who currently serve and protect us to this day.


It was fantastic this week to welcome back Rev. Davies who hasn't been able to join us for worship for such a long time due to Covid! Aptly, the theme of the week is Remembering and Rev. Davies taught us all about the different poppies and their symbolism. He also showed us some of the war memorials we have around the local area before leading us in a prayer of peace.

After a relaxing half-term break, Pastor Ruth joined us this week to teach us all about Wisdom in our worship together. The children had great fun getting all musical and creating the snaps, crackles and bangs of a storm as they learnt about the foolish man who built his home on the sand and the wise man who built his home on a solid foundation.

We were joined by a special guest with Fr. Yaro for this week's assembly! His daughter Liza came along to help her daddy teach us all about Harvest and how our cup should overflow to those less fortunate than ourselves.

It was great to welcome Matt Craig into school in person, rather than on Zoom this week! Matt led us in our worship which focussed all on our theme for the week 'It's God's World' (perfect for year 3 who were doing the Creation story in RE this week!). The children learned all about caring for our world and had some special help from a dancing panda!

All the children really enjoyed Fr. Yaro's assembly on the theme 'Voices from the past' on  Wednesday 15th September. They were able to act out some of the more unusual stories of some of the Saints in Christianity including St. Lucy who would take out her own eyes to discourage marriage proposals and St. Simeon who lived on a pillar for 33 years! We finished with the story of St. Therese of Lisieux. She showed patience, looked for positives in everyone she met and empowered us to think of how our cup can overflow into all around us all the time - even thought they might be challenging us!


On Wednesday 9th June, and on every Wednesday during COVID restrictions, we welcomed faith leaders from a range of churches to lead us in worship both on Zoom and by video. In this particular Collective Worship, the children enjoyed a fantastic whole school Zoom by Matt Craig from Hillingdon Park Baptist Church all about our theme of the week - Courage. The children reflected on the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den and how we can use prayer to help us to have courage like Daniel.

BWI was very pleased to hold Ascension Mass in the school hall on Thursday 20th May 2021.  Although it was a little different to our usual school services due to current restrictions, it was wonderful to celebrate Mass at school again after fourteen months.  Year 6 children and staff, Mrs Blake and Mrs Johnston attended with Fr Simon officiating.  The Year 6 children took an active role in the service reading a Reading from Acts, Chapter 1, verses 1-11, and also writing prayers.

On Friday 12th February we held a live Zoom collective worship for the whole school and their families. Over 130 families attended on Zoom and we enjoyed some singing and dancing, an inspirational talk from Father Simon and wonderful prayers from our year 6 pupil-leaders.

During the last lockdown in January 2021, we maintained our worship together every week with all the teachers taking part in creating assemblies each week which were then uploaded to Class Dojo for the children to watch at home.

Our approach to daily worship


Christian values are integral to our ethos and teaching, and our daily acts of worship reflect this. In recognition of the particular affiliation and ethos of the school, all staff and pupils are expected to take part in worship, although the right to withdraw does exist.


We aim to be a Christian community where everyone can develop an understanding and tolerance of others. In accordance with this and with statutory requirements, collective worship is placed at the centre of the school's daily life. The spiritual, social, cultural and moral welfare of all children is of prime concern to us.


As a Church of England school our daily act of Collective Worship is a special time that brings together members of the school community to worship God.  Worship is led by teachers and children. During birthday assemblies and class assemblies, families are often invited into school.  Groups of children are encouraged to prepare and lead worship based on one of our themes. These opportunities allow them to gain valuable leadership experience and extend their ability to think and reflect on a wide range of global issues.


Our worship is further enhanced by weekly visits from the leaders of St Martin's Church, Ruislip. Vicars from other local churches are also invited into our assemblies. The children are further challenged to think, ask questions and share their views and about the world around them.


Our collective worship themes are based on the Christian values listed above. 


At the beginning of Daily Collective Worship the candle is lit and we say together:

"We light this candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of our world."


At the close of Worship as the candle is put out we say:

"Even though this candle is out, we still remember that God is always with us. Help us to shine with our cup overflowing"


Our Morning Prayer

We say the Lord's Prayer together and there is always a reflection, with a prayer to end the worship.