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Year 2 - Explorers

Welcome to Year 2. In year 2, we promote building lifelong learners with transferrable skills. We encourage your child to take ownership of their learning and be prepared to challenge themselves. We continue to build on prior learning in the early years and provide your child with a balanced and engaging curriculum, providing fun learning activities and projects. We teach and explore mathematical strategies and problem solving through the White Rose scheme and instil a love of writing across a variety of genres, taught through the Write Stuff units by Jane Constantine.

We nurture your child's creative flair through the arts, where they will take inspiration from various musicians, artists and designers to develop their creative skills and knowledge. In geography we will broaden your child's knowledge of the wider world as well as learning about their own local area. Through our history units, your child will learn about key historical events and figures, as well as develop their own chronological awareness. They particularly enjoy learning about school life of the past and comparing it with life today! Through PSHE, DT and science, they understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet, regular exercise and good hygiene. As a young scientists, your child will be taught a vast range of skills across a variety of different topics and be provided with opportunities to plan, research and carry out different investigations and experiments.

Mrs Martin