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Our current pupil voice is looking at pupil wellbeing. Children in school, please click on the picture above to take the questionnaire

Pupil Voice 2021/22

Curriculum Focus Group



2 Children from each year group



No children were unhappy at school with majority happy at school.

Children were able to talk about what they had been learning - particularly in maths. Topics mentioned were Mary Seacole (y2), Volcanoes (y3), Wind in the Willows (y4), Brazil (y5), the heart (y6)


Since this pupil voice we have made the topics clearer so children have a greater understanding of that they are learning and when.


Voice of the children

"I like handwriting. I like learning" (y1)

"I really like school and when I'm in college I will be smart" (y2)

"I feel happy I have lots of friends to play with" (y3)

"I am a bit worried sometimes if I have a test" (y4)

"I am happy because it is fair. I also get to see my friends." (y5)

"I get to learn alot and be with my friends and teachers are helpful!" (y6)

School and Environment



All children in year 2 to year 6.



Children were happy with school, but concerned about the playground and children kicking balls around.


Since this pupil voice we introduced a specific area and set days for playing football, purchased a whole new set of playground equipment, installed a new climbing frame and will have new playground markings laid out.


Voice of the children

"I don't like how everyone is kicking the balls really high and playing football using the whole playground" (y4)

"I love being at school, I miss my family but it's fun" (y4)

New school vision



School council and RE ambassadors (approximately 3 children from each year group)



Children from year 2 upwards were able to speak more articulately about the vision and its meaning. Children had lots of good ideas to share our vision such as taking leaflets and posters to churches, invite people to come and see our school, make posters about the new vision and have a 'community' group of pupils


Since this pupil voice we have spread our message through leaflet campaigns, working with the Round Table to fundraise, used our vision on all our marketing, invited new people to share Collective Worship with us, held a Community Open Day and used the homework grids to get children to make posters about the vision.


Voice of the children

"We can share all the nice things inside us: kindness, friendship and love." (y1&2)

"We have so much respect for God's love and creation that we have enough to share." (y3)

"Ideas and knowledge from inside my head spreading to others." (y4)

"We are full up with good things: friendship, happiness, creativity, sportsmanship and God's love." (y5)

"To share our good fortune with others." (y6)