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School timings

  • Monday 2nd November 2020 is a Staff Training Day and school is closed to children.
  • Tuesday 3rd November 2020 – the new drop off and collection times start as follows: 
    • Drop off
      • Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 all drop off at the front gate from 8.45-8.50am.
      • KS2 children at the back entrance from 8.45-8.50am.
      • If you have siblings, please drop them at the back gate where we have staff that will take your younger children to class. 
    • For pick up / collection
      • Nursery, Reception will be at 3pm from the front gate.
      • Year 1 and 2 at 3.15pm from the front gate.
      • For Years 1-4 at 3.10pm from the back gate
      • Years 5-6 from 3.20pm at the back gate.
      • All siblings to be collected at the last time of the oldest sibling from the back gate.