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‘My Cup Overflows’ Psalm 23:5

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What is SIAMS?


The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) is the Church of England and Methodist Church’s outworking of the requirements of section 48 of the Education Act 2005. It is a key element of the life of all Church of England and Methodist schools in England. 


SIAMS inspection explores the question, “How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?”

Our Vision


Working with all stakeholders including Governors, Parents and children, BWI launched our new Vision in the Summer of 2021.


The inspiration for our vision came from Psalm 23:5, specifically ‘my cup runneth over.’  This was simplified for the children to become ‘My cup overflows’.

Who we are as a school?


We are Christian community who seek to give our children an awareness of God’s love and care for us and all his creation.


To engender a sense of gratitude  for  all his many and abundant gifts that will sustain them throughout their lives and enable them to share it with others.  To instill an awareness of the overflowing joy, love and peace that comes from accepting God’s love for us, that can enable us to truly experience ‘life in all its fulness.’

Why we are here?


We are here because we believe in the following for all stakeholders at BWI:

  • Encouraging understanding of and respect for the Christian faith and the spiritual, cultural, and moral values of others, valuing and celebrating diversity and individuality.
  • We want to be an outstanding school offering the very best to our children.
  • We want our school to be full to enable us to share our vision with as many young people as possible.
  • We believe in promoting educational excellence and rich cultural growth through academic rigour, innovation, creativity, and deep spiritual development.
  • We want to further develop our links with our local community
  • We want continue and deepen our close & reciprocal relationship with St Martins, the new Vicar and the whole church community
  • We believe in the continual journey of education and want to develop ever closer links with other schools
  • We want to be financially stable to be able to provide our children the best educational facilities possible

How then do we live?


We work towards and pray for the Holy Spirit’s abundant outpouring upon all who ask.


We want to fill our children ‘holistically’ through our Social, Emotional & Mental Health teaching and meeting each individual’s academic, social and spiritual needs.


The word ‘overflow’ indicates an abundance of opportunity for choice, balance, understanding, and the scope for all children to fulfil lifelong learning and excellence in all they do.


We do this by:

  • Developing an outstanding creative curriculum
  • Providing Forest Schools for our children
  • Outstanding teaching and learning for all our children
  • A place to reflect, to consider and discuss
  • Excitement/Inspiration for our children through developing talents through sports, music, drama and dance
  • As a role model to the community, rich in spiritual wealth and abundance through living our values of compassion, thankfulness, peace, humility, endurance, and trust
  • Allowing every child to develop their sense of self through their voice and actions
  • Enrichment activities such as trips, lunchtime clubs, half term clubs where everyone is included
  • Having teachers from the local secondary school, Bishop Ramsey, come in and teach French and lad on Science projects.

Prayer is vitally important in our school in every area. Meetings start with Prayers and end with reflections on our impact. The children’s day begins with independent prayers at the prayer table, followed by prayers together for lunch and home time. All assemblies also have prayer as an essential focus.