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Thank you for looking to help our school by volunteering. It really shows how you are helping our school's vision 'My Cup Overflows' Psalm 23:5 by giving your time to help provide extra opportunities for our children to also fill their cups. All adults who volunteer must have an Enhanced DBS Check carried out before they can work with children to ensure we keep all the members of our school family safe.


Applying for an Enhanced DBS Check

If you would like to volunteer within our school, you will require an Enhanced DBS check carried out. This is a two-part procedure. Firstly, please click on the image below to go straight to our rapid screening partner and complete an online application following carefully the ‘on screen’ directions. Please note that you will be required to upload both photographic evidence of your identity plus 2 documents to verify your residential status.



We will be notified that your application is being processed.  Before we can approve your application, we politely ask that you log into your School Money account and pay the application fee via the ‘School Shop’. This payment helps us to cover the cost of administration. 


Once payment has been received and your identity and residential status verified we will then approve your application. The original certificate will be posted direct to you, and must be seen in school before you will be allowed to volunteer with us


This process can take a few weeks, so please make sure that you apply in plenty of time, especially if you are interested in volunteering for a particular school event.


Your DBS will be valid for 3 years and you will be responsible for checking and renewing it.


DBS certificates will be required for school trips, outside walks, and activities within the school i.e. reading, helping in class and with our Parent Teachers Association. If in doubt please check with us. 


Required documents for an Enhanced DBS Check

When applying for a DBS Check you will need to provide at least 3 types of ID. This is to confirm the person’s identity correctly. The documents that are needed will depend on which route the applicant is able to take.

The applicant must try and provide documents from Route 1 first. If the applicant is not able to do so, they must continue through the routes until they can do so.


Route 1

The applicant must be able to provide:

-1 document from Group 1

-2 additional documents from either Group 1, or Group 2a or 2b

At least one document MUST confirm the applicant’s current address.


Route 2

If the applicant cannot provide any of the documents in Group 1, then they must be able to show:

-1 document from Group 2a

-2 further documents from either Group 2a or 2b

At least one of the documents must show the applicant’s current address. The employer conducting the applicants ID check must request an external ID validation check on behalf of the applicant.


Route 3

Route 3 can only be used if it’s impossible to process the application through Routes 1 or 2.

For Route 3, the applicant must be able to provide:

-a birth certificate issued after the time of birth (UK and Channel Islands)

-1 document from Group 2a

-3 further documents from Group 2a or 2b

At least one of the documents must again show the applicant’s current address. If the applicant can’t provide these documents they may need to be fingerprinted.


Route 4

If route 1, 2 or 3 cannot be completed due to insufficient ID documentation supplied, the only option left for the applicant is to complete a paper application form and have their fingerprints taken at a local police station.

On the paper form, the employer must select NO to W56 (‘have you established the true identity of the applicant’) as this shows they haven’t been able to provide the documents needed and will indicate that the applicant will need to be contacted to attend a fingerprinting session in order to establish the true identity.


Below are some examples of what ID is acceptable: 

Group 1 – Primary Identity Documents

–          Passport

–          Biometric Residence Permit

–          Current Photo Driving Licence, Full or Provisional

–          Birth Certificate, issued at time of birth

–          Adoption Certificate

Group 2a – Trusted Government Documents

–          Current Photo Driving Licence , Full or Provisional

–          Current Driving Licence , Paper version

–          Birth Certificate, issued after time of birth

–          Marriage/civil partnership certificate

–          HM Forces ID card

–          Fire Arms Licence

Group 2b – Financial and Social History Documents

–          Mortgage Statement

–          Bank/Building Society Statement – including opening confirmation letter

–          Credit Card Statement

–          Financial Statement e.g. pension, endowment or benefit

–          P45/P60 Statement

–          Council Tax Statement

–          Work Permit or Visa

–          Letter of sponsorship from future employment provider

–          Utility Bill

–          Entitlement document from government

–          EU National ID card

–          Cards with the PASS accreditation logo

–          Letter from Head Teacher/Principle