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Hustings - September 2019


Hustings took place in September 2019 for the role of the Head Boy/Head Girl and Deputies.  The 22 Year 6 children who took part in the event were amazing!  They were all very clear and knew how they were going to make a difference to the school, so it was a very hard job for the staff to make the decision.


Voting slips were counted and the new Head Boy and Head Girl are:


Head Boy: Damilare

Head Girl: Maia

Deputy Head Boy:  Ronnie

Deputy Head Girl:  Amae


We are very pleased that we will have 18 Prefects this year, who will support our school in many different ways.

Welcome to BWI

Written by the School Council and Prefects.


Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Primary School is a great school and has many trips and visits for example:          


PGL, Year 6;

Willow tree, Year 5;

Ancient Greek Day, Year 4;

Verulamium, Year 3;

Florence Nightingale, Year 2;

Lookout Centre, Year 1;

Odds Farm, Reception

Prefects and School Council 2019/20


Head Boy/Girl and Prefects

Head Boy - Damilare

Head Girl - Maia

Deputy Head Boy - Ronnie

Deputy Head Girl - Amae


School Council

Year 3: Lois and Sairus


Year 4: Bethany, Lilli, Michaela and Philip


Year 5: Andy, Divya, Finley and Nabat


Year 6: Annabelle, Jacob, Lizzie and Simon



Eco Warriors

Year 3: Jack and Lily


Year 4: Abigail, Adam, Jack and Richard


Year 5: Naomi, Oscar, Rhys and Seyi


Year 6: Anoushka, Daria, Richard and Sienna



RE Ambassadors

Year 3: Eva and Zak


Year 4: Aaron, Alfie, Bethany and Daria


Year 5: Isabell, Jayden, Malachi and Mila


Year 6:  Daisy, Dempsey, Ethan and Lucy


Road Safety Officers


Daisy, Devon, Emily, Kynan, Lucy, Noah, Pablo, Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe, Seth and William




The Reflection Room System


The table below explains our reflection system, if any school rules are broken.



What did your child do?

What will the teacher do next?

What happens now?

The consequence?

Breaks a School Rule.

Issue a verbal warning.

Your child will be requested to think about their actions. 

Move the child's name onto an amber circle.  

They will be able to move back to green if they show they are able to regulate and make a good choice.

Breaks a School Rule again.

Issue another verbal warning.

The child uses a "tool" from the Zones of Regulation to help them to calm and make a good choice.

Move the child back to amber again if they had gone back to green, or move on to red if still on amber.

Breaks yet another School Rule.

Issue a final verbal warning.

The child will again use a tool from the Zones of Regulation and will be reminded that the next step is Reflection Room.

Move the child's name to red.

Continues to break School Rules.

Inform the child that they will be spending 20 minutes in the Reflection Room at lunch time.

The child will discuss with the teacher on duty how they could have used the Zones of Regulation to help them, and will complete a Zones of Regulation form.

Move the child's name into the Reflection Room pot.


Three visits to the Reflection Room will result in a meeting with parents.

Sport Information


At BWI we do many different sports, for example District Sports where we do different athletics sports such as: throwing, running and jumping.


We have a Netball Team at BWI. This team consists of Year sixes, Year fives and Year fours. We try our best all through the season and go to a tournament in June.


BWI have a Football Team. The B Team and the A Team train each week and play in tournaments all through the season.


At BWI we have a Rounder’s Team that consists of both boys and girls. We go to the tournaments and always try our best.


In June, our Sports Day takes place at the Uxbridge Track. We do many sports such as: javelin, long jump, long distance running, hurdles, sprinting and boccia. We like everyone to join in, so the day is a mixture of sport activities and races.


We do many different events and hope to keep you updated in all of our sporting results.