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Year 2 - Eagles & Hawks

Year 2 News - May 2020

Florence Nightingale visit

On Wednesday 8th January 2020 the children in Eagles and Hawks classes were lucky enough to meet Florence Nightingale at BWI.  


Florence told us all about her childhood growing up in a rich family and how she came to want to be a nurse.


She was employed as a nurse by the War Office in London and we re-enacted her long journey by train and ship to Turkey.


Once there Florence set us to work scrubbing the floors and rolling bandages neatly.  We then bandaged the wounded soldiers and helped them to feel comfortable.


Meeting Florence Nightingale helped us to understand how determined and organised she was and how brave she was to lead her group of nurses on the long journey to the terrible hospital in Scutari.


Year 2 trip to the Tower of London - October 2019

On Monday 14th October 2019 the Year 2s visited the Tower of London.  Here is Emily's recount of their trip:


First we went on the coach.  I saw Trafalgar Square.  I enjoyed seeing the lions.  Then we got off the coach.


Next we got wrist bands.  Then we had lunch.  Next we went into the Tower of London and saw the amazing Crown Jewels.


Finally we met Captain John who told us about the Fire of London.



The children had a wonderful day and were enthusiatic about learning more about London.

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