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Year 4 - Aztecs & Tudors

Year 4 News - May 2020

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Year 4 trip to the Verulamium Museum - October 2019


On 12th October 2019 Aztecs and Tudors classes visited the Verulamium Museum in St Albans.  Here is Abigail's recount of their trip:


On our trip to Verulamium, the first thing we did was go along a hall to an area where we watched a video about where we were sitting in the Roman times.  We were sitting in the middle of Verulamium.  Secondly, we were given an activity booklet and split into groups.  In our groups we picked boxes and completed the tasks.


Some of the tasks were writing our name in Roman letters, finding small Roman objects and playing different sorts of games.  After that, we went into a room and sat on a table.  We had to guess what things were and what they were used for.  A lady told us if we were correct.  We did some acting and learning and then it was finally lunchtime.


After lunch we went walking round a bit and played in a playground.  We had lots of fun and spent lots of time in the park.  Finally, we went back to the Roman museum, past all things we had seen, down to get our coats, and out of the museum to the coach, knowing much more about Romans than we did.  Then we went back to school.

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