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We expect every child to not only be digitally competent and have a range of transferable skills at a suitable level for the future workplace, but also to be responsible online citizens. 

Our learning journey aims to instil a sense of enjoyment around using technology and to develop pupil’s appreciation of its capabilities and the opportunities technology offers to create, manage, organise, and collaborate. Engaging and tinkering with software and programs forms a part of the ethos of the scheme as we want to develop pupils’ confidence and curiosity when encountering new technology, which is a vital skill in the ever evolving and changing landscape of technology.

There are three strands which run through our learning journey:

  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Digital literacy

These are then taught through five key areas, creating a spiral curriculum through which pupils can develop their computing knowledge and skills by revisiting and building on prior learning:

  • Computer systems and networks
  • Programming
  • Creating media
  • Data handling
  • Online safety

Lessons incorporate a range of teaching strategies from independent tasks, paired and group work as well as unplugged and digital activities. This variety means lessons are engaging and appeal to those with a variety of learning styles.

Our pupils leave primary school as critical thinkers who are able to understand how to make informed and appropriate digital choices. They understand the power of technology to help showcase their ideas and creativity and which software is best placed to help them deliver the outcome they want using the skills they have learnt.