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Our Worship

Our approach to Daily Worship

Christian values are foundational to our school's ethos and instructional approach, with daily acts of worship serving as a reflection of this commitment.

We strive to foster a Christian community where individuals can cultivate understanding and tolerance for others. In adherence to both our ethos and statutory obligations, collective worship is prioritised in the daily life of the school, emphasising the spiritual, social, cultural, and moral well-being of every child.

At our Church of England school, daily Collective Worship holds special significance as it unites members of the school community in the worship of God. Led by both teachers and pupils, these worship sessions provide opportunities for families to join during birthday and class assemblies. Pupils are encouraged to prepare and lead worship centered on various themes, fostering leadership skills and prompting reflection on global issues.

To enrich our worship experience, we welcome weekly visits from leaders of St Martin's Church, Ruislip, and invite vicars from neighboring churches to participate in our assemblies. Through these interactions, children are encouraged to think critically, pose questions, and share their perspectives on the world around them.

Our collective worship themes are based on the Christian values listed above.

At the beginning of Daily Collective Worship the candle is lit and we say together:

"We light this candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of our world."

At the close of Worship as the candle is put out we say:

"Even though this candle is out, we still remember that God is always with us. Help us to shine with our cup overflowing"

We say the Lord's Prayer together and there is always a reflection, with a prayer to end the worship.


We had another amazing, interactive worship with the 'Open the Book' team from Ruislip Baptist Church. The children learnt the story of The Centurion's Servant. When one’s faith is centered on Jesus, healing can take place. In every area of life that needs restoration, Jesus is able to heal.

It was amazing to welcome Pastor Sam and his team from the Ealing Christian Centre to worship with us. We learnt some amazing new songs and enjoyed finding out all about forgiveness.

If you'd like to try these out at home or in your own Church here are the links:



The traditional Easter procession was able to begin from BWI. 

The Palm Sunday service began in our front playground and was attended by many worshippers from the local community.

We then all processed from the school to St Martin's to walk in the footsteps of Christ.