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Our lunch provider

Every day at BWI, our lunches are meticulously prepared with fresh ingredients and delivered directly to us by Colham Catering, a trusted provider of school meals since 2012. With a dedication to excellence, Colham Catering takes pride in crafting nutritious, delicious, and healthy meals that appeal to primary-aged children.

Their menus are thoughtfully curated, revolving around seasonal, local, and ethically sourced ingredients. By prioritising quality and sustainability, Colham Catering ensures that every meal meets the highest standards of taste and nutrition. Additionally, their commitment to adhering to School Food Standards guarantees that our students receive meals that are both wholesome and fulfilling.

In partnership with Colham Catering, we are delighted to offer our children lunches that not only nourish their bodies but also excite their taste buds and support their overall well-being.

To order your child's lunch via Colham Catering, please go their website  You will need to register on the portal and you can then place your orders.  A user guide is below to assist you with the registering and ordering process.