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School Improvement Fund

Help the School and Donate now!

Governors and the PTA working together for the good of the children in our school.

The Building Maintenance Scheme is a fund from which our school's Governing Bodies pay 10% contribution for building projects. The scheme operates from the LDBS as a collective self-insurance scheme under which the burden of management, administration and financing of all repair, maintenance and minor improvements is removed from our schools. We pay annually, based on pupil numbers in the January census. Our School needs to make this amount each year in order to benefit from the scheme 

'We need our parents financial support in order to see the improvements in our school.'

As you are no doubt aware, BWI is a voluntary aided school which means that we receive no financial support from the Local Authority when it comes to making improvements and essential maintenance to our school.  

The Governors are determined to continue improving the fabric of the school and to give our children the best possible environment to learn in. Supported by the London Diocesan Board of Schools (the LDBS), over the last few years the school has benefitted from the following:

  • New fire doors doors across the school 
  • New celing and lighting in classrooms

Every £10 donated by you to the Governor Fund is actually worth £100 to BWI due to the agreement that we have with the LDBS. BWI is liable to pay the LDBS every term for each pupil and, in return, for any improvement carried out at BWI the LDBS will cover the cost for 10 times of the value of any contribution.

We are therefore asking for your support by making a regular voluntary contribution based on what you can afford. A regular voluntary contribution based on a tiered by child/children amount/s of £10/£7/£5 per month dependent on the number of siblings within a family. Equally, donations of less than this amount will still assist us.

Many parents already give very generously to the BWI Fund and we are very grateful.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how your financial support is used within the school please do not hesitate to contact the Governors via our school email and a member from the Governors will contact you directly.

Thank you so much in advance for your support, no matter how much this may be. Together our partnership enhances the learning of all our children and we are truly grateful you have chosen to be on this journey with us to make BWI the school of choice in Rusilip.